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MBA Award for excellence 2020 winner Dunsborough paintingMBA Award for excellence 2020 finalist Dunsborough painting


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MBA Award for excellence 2019 winner Dunsborough paintingMBA Award for excellence 2019 finalist Dunsborough painting


Dunsborough Painting and Decorating were proud to help Bianca Saez in Back Yard Blitz

I always ensure the crew and I can look at our finished jobs and be proud of our work but every now and again a really special one comes along that enables us to get that warm heart glow so for me personally, the special Backyard Blitz edition we did for the Saez Family would have to be my favourite.

My friend John, whose daughter Bianca Saez was only 16 and suffering from one of the world’s worst cases of Tourette’s syndrome. After 60 Minutes did a story on her showing the country what Bianca and her family go through on a daily basis it made so many of us want to jump in and help.

The Saez family home was suffering terribly from Bianca’s uncontrollable tics, with ceilings, walls, doors, tiles – everything smashed and damaged.

Bianca heartbreakingly hurt mostly herself and quite often her loved ones every day so she decided with the support of her parents to undergo extreme radical brain stimulation surgery. This would be the first time the procedure was done in Australia, by inserting stimulating electrodes that would emit electric pulses in the hopes of resetting her brain cells to stop her from hitting herself.

The whole nation was moved by the story, with Logie award-winning Backyard Blitz being inundated with calls and requests to help this beautiful family.

Host Shelley Craft explained the project was about four times the size of their regular renovation jobs, so a lot of help was needed.

With a super tight time frame of 5 days and almost a full rebuild giving the family a 2-storey extension, a new lounge, dining room with deck, pool with bridge, landscaping, gazebo, new driveway and a deck on the front of the home a lot of materials, labour and effort was called for.

The Saez family were sent on a much needed 5-day holiday and without their knowledge, we all set to work.

Myself and a team of 12 of my painters worked in shifts, painting every hour of the day and night, without stopping over the 5 days to get the job done. Dulux kindly donated the paint, I contributed $20,000 in labour and materials and we didn’t stop.

Trades from the whole community came together and free of charge we chipped in over $350,000 of our own labour, materials and time. It was amazing to be a part of.

The family travelled home in style in a stretch hummer, when they came down their street lit up with bright tv lights and crowds of hundreds cheering them in welcome the looks on their faces said it all. John Stevens of Noiseworks, was singing in their driveway. Pro surfer Joel Parkinson was waiting to greet them. Family, friends, loving tradies and supporters they had never met were all waiting breathlessly for them to see their new home.

It was an incredibly touching moment and one we were all so very proud to be a part of. Watching John hold back tears and shake his head while Bianca excitedly bounced and waved to her friends in the crowd, hugging and celebrating was something we will never forget.

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